Vanguard Tripods

Vanguard is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing tripods, camera cases and bags, spotting scopes, binoculars and bow and gun cases. The Vanguard tripods division has been in business for the last quarter century and produces accessories that complement the experiences of the professional as well as hobbyist photographer, the birdwatcher or the hunter. Its products are recognized as among the best, as demonstrated in it being the winner of the TIPA award for the Best Accessory for Alta Pro Tripod.

The company makes high-quality photo-video equipment like monopods, tripods, camera cases and bags and ball heads. Vanguard is in business to provide professional photographers with essential accessories that help them to capture the moment as they see it.

Started in 1986, Vanguard is now a global corporation after opening its first manufacturing facility in Asia. Today, its reputation is one of innovative features, dependability and functionality. Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts that number in the hundreds of thousands use Vanguard products all across the world.

Under the Vanguard name, there are several types of tripods available:

1. The Tripod with Head: This line features several series of tripods. These are the Alta Pro and Alta+ series, the Espod and the Espod Plus series, the MAK and the MK series and the Tracker series.

Each series features its own unique qualities. The Alta Pro series is known for both flexibility and stability, which allow a photographer to use more angle possibilities than before, while the Alta+ series features lightweight design and compact construction that enable photographers to take these tripods with them on planes or in their backpacks. The Espod series has a reputation for being good for amateur photographers who are just learning the ropes and want to improve their skill, while the Espod Plus series allows photographers to quickly and easily set up their stand, courtesy of its leg angle release button.

Those searching for tripods that have two-way pan heads and a strong canopy can look to the MAK series, and photographers who just want the basics can look to the MK series that features quick-flip leg locks and a quick height adjustment ring. The Tracker series offers photographers the option of holding their heavy gear with stamina and durability.

2. The Tripod without Head: This line features three series of tripods: The Alta Pro, Alta Plus and Alta+.

The Alta Pro series includes the Alta Pro 253CT, the Alta Pro 254CT, the Alta Pro 263CT, the Alta Pro 264AT, the Alta Pro 283CT and the Alta Pro 284CT. This series is known for permitting photographers to take pictures from many more angles than previously possible.

The Alta Plus series includes the Auctus Plus 283AT, the Auctus Plus 283CT, the Auctus Plus 284AT, the Auctus Plus 323 AT, the Auctus Plus 323CT and the Auctus Plus 324AT. This series has a reputation for offering photographers the flexibility to take equally effective shots in the field or in the studio.
Finally, the Alta+ series includes the Alta+ 224CT, the Alta+ 225CT, the Alta+ 233AT, the Alta+ 254CT, the Alta+ 255CT and the Alta+ 263AT. This series is known to feature a modern and sleek design along with legs that can adjust to 25-, 50- and 80-degree angles.

3. Vanguard’s Ball and Pan Head: This line of tripods features four distinct series. These are the GH, MH, PH and SBH series.

The GH-100 offers photographers great ergonomic control and a pistol grip-style handle that rotates 360 degrees, while the MH series features smooth and efficient movement. Vanguard’s PH series is defined by its lightweight use that makes it ideal for use with many cameras, and the SBH series is known for its strong construction that features magnesium alloy.

4. Vanguard’s Monopod: This line of tripod includes the Espod, Elite and Tracker series.

The Espod series—which consists of the AM-203, the AM-20

4S, the AM-233 and the AM-263—features dependable support for photographers’ cameras while they are traveling and in the field. The Elite series is defined by its elite carbon fiber construction and sturdiness. Vanguard’s Tracker series is known for the ease with which photographers can adjust its tripods’ leg locks.

5. The Table Pod:  This line of tripod is made up of the SP-31 and the VS series.

The SP-31 is a mini tripod that comes with all-metal construction, a two-way pan head and a center column that adjusts quickly. The VS series is typified by its very compact design that allows photographers to transport it in their pockets and purses while on the go.

6. Vanguard’s Window Mount:  This line only has one series, the PH.

Consisting of the PH-201, the PH-240, the PH-242 and the PH-304, this Vanguard type assists photographers who have no tripod.

This series features pan head window mounts with non-slip platforms and sturdy bases. Photographers can efficiently affix these to tripods and car windows.

Vanguards Most Popular Tripods

Some Vanguard tripods are more popular than others.

{Alta Pro 263AT 2009 Tipa Award}

The most popular tripods we've found from our research are the Alta Pro 263AT and the Alta Pro 283CT, the MK 1, the Tracker 2 and Tracker 4, the entire MiniTripod series and the Auctus Plus 323CT, which received the 2011 TIPA award.


A Proven Market Leader

Since its beginnings in 1986, Vanguard has risen to become one of the best makers of tripods in the entire industry. This is because it delivers what the market of photographers that it serves expects: innovative features, reliability and functionality. Its client base is made up of hundreds of thousands of photographers and outdoor enthusiasts who like to use the range of Vanguard accessories every day, for all of their shooting needs.

Vanguard has also been recognized by industry organizations and publications. In 2009, editors from some of the top photography magazines across Europe chose Vanguard’s Alta Pro as the best accessory of 2009, thanks to its superior stability and flexibility. The company has also initiated a number of industry firsts, significantly 2007’s introduction of advanced optical technology for its optics and 2008’s Alta+ tripods, the world’s most compact and lightest tripods of a high quality.

It is clear to see that with the type of quality and innovatation Vanguard is pushing out year in and year out, they will continue being the true photographers choice for products.


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